Heru Suryonegoro
2008 Journal of Dentistry Indonesia  
Radiogrrphic f, Iamination of Temporomandibular Disorders in Childr€n The temporomandibular .ioint has a very important role in lhe stomatognathic system. lt's main function is for the opening and closjng movenent. maslication. and sp€ech. lt is locat€d anterior to the ear. ThG temporomandibular joint conn€cts maxilla and mandible through the arlicular fossa, hence the slightest change that happens would cause serious matters such as pain, eating, speech disord€r, difficulty in opening and
more » ... in opening and closing movement, headache, and even trismus. In a €hild or an adolescent, the synploms are olt€n vague; €verlthing is interpreted as "pain". This is probably why temporomandibular disorder are oft€n undetected by dentists. Therefore, patience and accuracy is needed to delermine the actual disorder througb means of clinical and radiograpbic examination. The radiogaphic examination suitable for child is the transcraniaf projection. This projection is believed to be more accurat€ anongst other ptujections for child patients. lndonesianJournal ofDentistry 2046: Edisi Khust: KPPIKG XIy.308-3ll
doi:10.14693/jdi.v13i3.335 fatcat:gxcnz6dpzvh7pbt63saacgcgxi