Substantiation of work quality indicators of the universal seeds scarificator of the eastern galega (Galega Orientalis)

Eduard Khasanov, Salavat Mudarisov, Rim Khamaletdinov, Airat Mukhametdinov, Damir Maskulov, Radik Musin
2020 Journal of Agricultural Engineering  
Eastern galega (Galega orientalis) contains amino acids and vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the animal organism. In addition, it is a good precursor to many cultures. One of the drawbacks of Eastern galega is the hard shell of the seeds, which leads to increased seed consumption, a prolonged time of seedlings and an irrevocable loss of part of the sown seeds. The most affordable, simple and productive is the mechanical method of violating the tightness of the coating film of
more » ... coating film of seeds. The aim of the study was to conduct comparative experiments with the existing scarifier, to create an improved design of a disk scarifier, which allows to improve the quality of seed treatment, and the theoretical justification of its structural and technological parameters. The original design of the disk scarifier on the seeds of the Eastern galega was investigated. The working bodies of the blades of the scarifier disc and their changing installation angle allows to adjust the contact angle of the seeds with the abrasive surface of the grinding wheel, thereby scratching the hard shell of the seeds without injuring them. In contrast to the used designs of scarifiers, the device under development provides for a pneumatic system for removing dust and impurities from the abrasive surface of the grinding wheel by the air flow and additional seed treatment with the microbiological preparation rhisotorfin. In the study of qualitative indicators of scarification of Eastern galega at an average moisture content of 9%, the following parameters were determined: seed germination,%; the degree of scarification,% and the degree of crushing of seeds,% with disk rotation modes - 700, 900, 1100, 1300, 1500 rpm. The studies have shown high-quality seed treatment compared to its counterpart. In the recommended range of disk revolutions of 900 ... 1100, the proposed scarifier showed a decrease in the degree of crushing of seeds by 0.2 ... 0.4%, an increase in the degree of scarification by 2 ... 3% and the degree of germination by 4 ... 5%. The use of the developed design of the scarifier in international practice will reduce the damage of the treated seeds and increase the yield of legumes.
doi:10.4081/jae.2020.1034 fatcat:4bsdwovffzenbht57zssv3q6wa