Professional Formation of School-Leavers of Specialized Secondary Educational Establishments in the Russian Empire

2017 Zhurnal Ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya  
The article deals with the elementary military and secondary spiritual education in the Russian empire. Nearly 2400 profiles are analysed. The article consists of two parts. In each a brief history of the educational establishment is given, as well as the technique of the investigation in relation to its peculiarities. The author indicates similar traits as well as differences, which allow implementing a comparative approach to these two types of educational establishments. The period under
more » ... he period under review is about 110 years, from the first decade of the XIX the century to the year 1918. Within it the author discriminates three stages that more or less coincide for both types of specialized secondary educational establishments: the first comprises the reign of Alexander I, Nicholas I and the early reign of Alexander II, who initiated liberal reforms in many spheres, including education, in the Russian empire (second stage). The last one is all about the reign of Alexander III and Nicholas II. The author shows that there is a direct correspondence between the type of education and its influence on the school-leavers' choice of profession or career and on the social and cultural development of the country in the XIXth -early XXth century.
doi:10.13187/zhmnp.2017.2.118 fatcat:yj3ggcrjmjd2dd65gxlbz6jkhq