No Place For Dark Matter In Galaxy Clusters

Karan R.Takkhi
2017 Zenodo  
Galaxy clusters are one of the most mysterious large-scale structures in the universe. The extremely hot X-ray emitting gas (plasma) that constitutes the intracluster medium (ICM) is also quite mysterious. The observed gravitational lensing and the high velocity dispersion of galaxies within the cluster add another mysterious dimension to a galaxy cluster. There are many puzzling questions adhered to galaxy clusters, such as, what causes the ICM to remain confined within the cluster? Is it dark
more » ... cluster? Is it dark matter that confines the ICM, or does the ICM possesses certain properties of its own which gives it the added advantage to remain confined within the cluster, instead of just dispersing or diffusing out of the cluster? Is dark matter really required to explain certain observations related to galaxy clusters, such as, ICM confinement, velocity dispersion of galaxies and the spooky gravitational lensing arcs observed within the cluster? Are we underestimating the baryonic mass? In this paper I present the study of a random galaxy cluster to completely rule out the possibility of dark matter's presence in all galaxy clusters. The study provides explanation for such discussed mysterious phenomena associated with galaxy clusters that would otherwise be difficult to explain without considering the presence of dark matter.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1044290 fatcat:s4vktm336jajnjxkkmcvl6c2re