A Method of Speed-preserving Trajectory Simplification

YANG Min, CHEN Yuanyuan, JIN Cheng, CHENG Qian
2017 Acta Geodaetica et Cartographica Sinica  
Trajectory simplification plays an important role in trajectory data storage,transmission,temporal-spatial analysis and visualization.Traditional simplification methods,such as Douglas-Peucker algorithm,concern the geometric information while ignore the temporal information,which may result in loss of implied mobility features in the original trajectory.Aiming at minimize speed error in the trajectory simplification transformation,this paper presents a new method based on hierarchical
more » ... rarchical clustering and regionalization operations.First,the line segments of the original trajectory are clustered at different levels based on the similarity of speed measure.With the support of the hierarchical clusters,the original trajectory is then divided into a series of segments.For each segment,the maximum synchronized Euclidean distance from the points to the segment line connecting two end points is no larger than the predefined threshold value.Finally,the simplified results is outputted by organizing the end points of each trajectory segments.Real life data was used to verity the effectiveness of the proposed method,and results of comparing with other existing methods showed that our method performs better in speed preserving.
doi:10.11947/j.agcs.2017.20170023 doaj:9ca689aa147b4766ab57ca5cf56e2128 fatcat:chuqynxhtnadbarbkzuspq3zpq