2019 Revista iberoamericana de aprendizaje servicio  
Aprendizaje-servicio, aprendizaje basado en problemas, trabajo por proyectos, competencia ética y social, formación del profesorado, ayuda a la comunidad. Fecha de recepción: 14/XII/2018 Fecha de aceptación: 10/V/2019 Gómez, C.; Rodrigo, F. y Molines, S. (2019). Proyectos educativos multidisciplinares y ayuda a la comunidad . RIDAS, Revista Iberoamericana de Aprendizaje Servicio, 7, 131-143. DOI10.1344/RIDAS2019.7.9 132 Multidisciplinary educational projects and service to the community
more » ... e community Abstract This paper relates an experience carried out at a higher education setting, specifically involving 3 rd -year students in the Early Childhood Education degree programme. In relation to this, the paper presents an educational model that takes into account the need to develop ethical and social competences and gives importance to interdisciplinary education in real contexts. To this aim, all the academic modules that form part of this degree programme devote 25% of their teaching time and evaluation to the development of an interdisciplinary project. This paper will describe one of these projects, entitled "Solve a real problem", the design of which is informed by service-learning and problem-based learning methodologies. The students, as a team, develop their projects, throughout the course, in a unique educational action setting, in a socially vulnerable environment, receiving training in successful educational practices and collaborating with the community. Keywords Service-learning, problem-based learning, project work, ethical and social competence, teacher training, community support.
doi:10.1344/ridas2019.7.9 fatcat:uxglwmaulbdw5bgyixjfj6mbqm