Modelling and Experimentation on Mechanical Properties of Graphene-Oxide Cement

Zhiyuan Lin, Ding Fan, Shangtong Yang, J. Durán-Suárez, S. Yang, J. Castro-Gomes, X. Zhou, M. Górski, C. Sangiorgi
2019 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Cementitious nano-composites have recently attracted considerable research interest in order to improve their properties such as strength and durability. Graphene oxide (GO) is being considered as an ideal candidate for enhancing the mechanical properties of the cement due to its good dispersion property and high surface area. Much of work has been done on experimentally investigating the mechanical properties of GO-cementitious composites; but there are currently no models for accurate
more » ... or accurate estimation of their mechanical properties, making proper analysis and design of GO-cement based materials a major challenge. This paper attempts to develop a novel multi-scale analytical model for predicting the elastic modulus of GO-cement taking into account the GO/cement ratio, porosity and mechanical properties of different phases. This model employs Eshelby tensor and Mori-Tanaka solution in the process of upscaling the elastic properties of GO-cement through different length scales. In-situ micro bending tests were conducted to elucidate the behavior of the GO-cement composites and verify the proposed model. The obtained results showed that the addition of GO can change the morphology and enhance the mechanical properties of the cement. The developed model can be used as a tool to determine the elastic properties of GO-cement through different length scales.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201927405004 fatcat:5ajzyovyerfhllxcq7uzpnlrui