Rajesh Sinha
2013 Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology  
The job of the Chief Editor of any journal is not only interesting but challenging. As this is going to be my farewell editorial for Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology, with a heavy heart and the anxiety of saying goodbye to you, I would like to share with you some of the invaluable experiences of my journey as Editor DJO over the last two years. Time and again in the past it was discussed and debated whether the Journal needs to be continued. But every time one or the other of my predecessors
more » ... y predecessors proved the critics wrong by keeping the journal alive. I take the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of each and every Ex-Editor of the journal for keeping the journal alive and kicking. It was only because the journal still existed that I could get the opportunity to work for it. It was because of the active support of all the DOS members that I could not only bring out all the issues of the Journal in time but could also maintain the shape of the journal. Over the last 2 yrs, the journal has grown and matured; thanks to the leadership of an effective editorial board and the outstanding support of the editorial committee members. I would like to pay my sincere gratitude towards the members who contributed their invaluable work to the journal. It was only because of their heartfelt involvement in the journal that we could bring the journal to this level. During this journey of two years a lot of hard work was done and energy pumped into getting the things into right direction and moving in the path of ongoing progress. The introduction of the facility of the "Online submission of manuscript" not only raised the status of the journal but also paved the way to acquire higher number of manuscripts. Although rejecting an article is sad, but it only provides you the opportunity to raise the standards of the journal. Today we are in a position that we can reject some of the manuscripts which may not be of great academic importance for the readers. Importantly, all the articles comprising this new format for the journal have undergone peer review so that the highest scientifi c standards are maintained. All the manuscript that are being published in the journal has a unique digital object identifi er (doi) number. One can access the manuscript by using these doi numbers. Further, our openaccess strategy has allowed better visibility and dissemination of articles. The journal has now been indexed in the Indian Science Abstract. It is another achievement for which we can feel proud and happy. The journal has also been sent to Poland for fi nal evaluation for indexing in Index Copernicus. Hopefully we will soon get the fi nal nod from them. The journal is standing on its own feet in terms of fi nances. The advertisements published in the journal and the subscription money provides enough collection so as to sustain the journal. The credit is all yours. It was because of your constant support and good quality articles and the frequent e-mails of encouragement that we could reach this stage. However, the job doesn't end here. We have to keep improving the quality of articles being published and that is only possible if the members write and submit good quality manuscripts to the journal. Although my tenure fi nishes now, I'll help the succeeding editors to the best of my ability to take the journal to new heights. I am absolutely sure that you all will also provide the same support to the incoming editors of the journal. Journal is the face of an academic body and we have to keep our face attractive. Once again, I thank you all for the immense support that I received as Editor DJO. The train whistle blows, and it is time to move to the window and say a last goodbye! "Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you until we meet again".
doi:10.7869/djo.2012.77 fatcat:6oh3oqos3jayjdc4yincblmuly