Inhibition effect ofVernonia amygdalinaextract on the corrosion of mild steel reinforcement in concrete in 0.2 M H2SO4Environment

C.A. Loto, O.O. Joseph, R.T. Loto
2013 European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering  
The inhibition of potassium dichromate on the corrosion protection of mild steel embedded in concrete and partially immersed in sulphuric acid and sodium chloride environments was evaluated at ambient temperatures. The experiments were performed using electrochemical potential monitoring method. Varying quantities of the inhibitor was used. In the NaCl test medium, the effectiveness of the inhibitor improved as higher concentration was used. The best inhibition was achieved in the reinforced
more » ... n the reinforced concrete sample admixed with 9 g potassium dichromate. Steel-reinforced concrete sample admixed with 3 and 9 g potassium dichromate inhibitor had the highest improvement in compressive strength. The potassium dichromate inhibitor was most effective amongst other inhibitor concentrations used when 7.5 g was admixed with the sample in the H 2 SO 4 medium. The sulphuric acid medium had a deleterious effect on the strength of concrete test specimens.
doi:10.1080/19648189.2013.841596 fatcat:ixp6zptv4fg2vocse34snequna