Stories of Transition From G. I. Joe, G. I. Jane & Their Classmates: Using Critical Incident Narratives to Promote Social Integration in the Us First-Year Experience

Shelbee R. Nguyenvoges
2015 Comparative Professional Pedagogy  
The purpose of this case study research aims to bridge gaps in the current research by exploring how both veteran and nonveteran adult and higher education (AHE) learners make sense of their educational journey and identity, in and out of the classroom, during their first-year experience (FYE) course at a community college (CC) in the Southwest region. Combining critical incident technique (CIT) and narrative inquiry, the researcher is able to investigate veteran and nonveteran AHE learners'
more » ... an AHE learners' personal critical incident narrative testimonies to make sense of individual identity and values. Relevant literature on the topic of FYE's and transition for veteran and nonveteran learners underscore potentially problematic issues in the current scholarship. The theoretical framework from which this research was undertaken, methodology, findings and discussion reveal how nonveteran and veteran AHE learners identify a 'third side' or common ground in 1) the fight to pursue AHE, 2) the negotiation of new roles and 3) the influence of family on identity. To conclude, implications for future research and conclusions to advance understandings about veteran AHE learners have been offered. Ultimately, participant responses reveal common or 'third sides,' and how these 'third side' spaces contribute towards a collaborative learning environment in an FYE. General experiences of transition into the higher education setting for veteran and nonveteran learners are also shared in the findings.
doi:10.1515/rpp-2015-0049 fatcat:jbelhdvzu5cfxdjvljubytpddq