El cambio político en Quintana Roo y el riesgo de la persistencia The political change in Quintana Roo and the risk of the institutional equilibrium persistence

Gerardo Hernández
Espiral, Estudios sobre Estado y Sociedad Vol. XXIV No. 70 Septiembre / Diciembre de 2017 Palabras clave: cambio político, diseño institucional, nuevo institucionalismo, democracia subnacional, Quintana Roo. Abstract This paper analyzes the institutional design of the state of Quintana Roo and its political it is exposed that beyond the causes that led to democratic change in the state, these are not decisive to consolidate the political change due to the original institutional design, which
more » ... ifests itself in a bureaucratized society and depending on government agents, which faces a dichotomy: on the one government decisions, and on the other change on which its socio-political structure was designed. The analysis is carried out with the theoretical contributions of New Institutionalism and Subnational Democracy, actors of local politics.