Optimization on the Precision of the MEMS-Redundant IMU Based on Adhesive Joint Assembly

Wanliang Zhao, Xiangyu Sun, Yijie Rong, Jie Duan, Jiawei Chen, Lijun Song, Qinyi Pan
2020 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
In order to improve the precision of the spaceborne Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), this paper proposes an adhesive joint assembly of the MEMS-redundant IMU. That is the application of special redundant installation of multiple MEMS gyroscopes in the IMU, which can improve the reliability of the MEMS-redundant IMU on the basis of reducing the weight of IMU. However, with the change of working environment, the traditional mechanical assembly of MEMS-redundant IMU will produce the large
more » ... the large packaging stress and cause the deformation of MEMS gyroscope. This change will lead to changes in installation errors, scale factor errors, and bias errors of the MEMS gyroscope, resulting in a significant reduction in measurement precision of the MEMS-redundant IMU. Therefore, this paper selects the adhesive material that matches the thermal physical parameters of the material with the circuit board by analyzing the requirements of MEMS gyroscope on working environment at first. Then, by optimizing the bonding process, the installation error of each axis of MEMS-redundant IMU under different temperatures is better than the traditional mechanical connection mode. The experiment results of thermal vacuum show that the new assembly method can reduce the influence of temperature on the bias. Compared with the traditional method, the new assembly which is based on adhesive joint assembly can improve the measurement precision of MEMS-redundant IMU by an order of magnitude.
doi:10.1155/2020/8855141 fatcat:ubb26m6wbfbo7dzgvsde7ymgzm