1914 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
EDAL unable to carrv it oIn. Made ani aniiiuitant of £20 and the Guild to try to get helr iinto a home. WVidow, aged 65, of L.R.C.P.andS.Irel. whlo practised at (atford and Southen(l. Too0o01 to work. Lives wvith a son nild lhis family who caninlot afford to lkeep lher. Has anl Epsom pension. Tle case strongly recomimenided by the G-uild visitor. Relieved twvice, £18. Voted £12 in twvelve inistalmenits. Daughiter, aged 71, of M.l)D.Lond. who practised in North London. Unable to work owinig to
more » ... to work owinig to defective eyesight. Has recenitly obtained an aninuity from aniother society. Proposes to apply for the old age pension. Voted £2. Widow, aged 51, of MAI.D.Edin. who practised at Newcastle-on-Tynie, hlas C.M.B. certificate anid earnled VJ livinig by nlursilg, but fr-actuired her leg soniAe tim-e since, and is making verv slow p)rogress. A little helpl from a married daughter, but not eniough to keep lher. 'Voted £12 in twelve instalments. Widow, aged 55, of MI.D.Aberd. who died in 1904 anid prac-tised1 at Balhamii. Lost the little monley left her by hiuisbanid in assisting her only soni, a mining einineer, in South Africa. The venture vas a failuire, and the son. has joined the South Afric,an Army. Qualified mental nhurse, blut finds difficulty in obtaining o\vrk on account -of age. Voted £10 in two instali-eints, alnd r-eferred to the Guild.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.2814.979 fatcat:3n5rpko5fjhabpe5id4hzdlo6i