Low Carbon Economy Development: China's Road and Policy Choice

Xiangsheng Dou
2013 Journal of Management and Sustainability  
The choice of low carbon economy development road is directly related to whether the low carbon economy development goal can be achieved smoothly and effectively, while its choice theory and economic contents are very rich. Therefore, it is necessary to explore it from a broader perspective. Only by doing so, can we overall understand and grasp its profound essences of theory and economic contents, so as to outline a clear roadmap for low carbon economy development and to provide scientific
more » ... vide scientific theory foundations for the policy formulation and implementation. This paper, from different perspectives including the development methods, tactics, path, power, means, priorities and so forth, comprehensively and systematically demonstrates the low carbon economy development road and the economic contents of its choice. The research reveals that, under the particular context at this stage, China's low carbon economy development must take such a development road, for example, the combination of the government-led and the market-oriented operation, the combination of the overall gradual and the partial rapid development, the combination of the balanced development in a long term and the unbalanced development in a short term, the combination of the exogenous and the endogenous development, the dual governance of the carbon source and the carbon sink, as well as the industry and the energy low-carbonization development based on low carbon technology innovation. Keywords: low carbon economy, low carbon economy development road, low carbon economy policy, industrial low-carbonization development, energy low-carbonization development www.ccsenet.org/jms Journal of Management and Sustainability Vol. 3, No. 3; 2013 96 are relatively backward industrial structure, obviously insufficient technological innovation capability, and seriously extensive economic growth phenomenon with a large number of resource consumption to sustain the growth, which not only results in the serious problem of the inefficient use of resources and energy, but also aggravates the contradictions of the energy shortage and the environmental pollution. Therefore, it is necessary vigorously to promote the energy saving and the consumption reduction and the emission cut, actively to protect the resources and the environment, and effectively to protect the energy security and the ecological sustainability . This needs completely away from the traditional pattern of economic development, and to take the road of low carbon economy development to fundamentally solve the structural contradictions in socio-economic development.
doi:10.5539/jms.v3n3p95 fatcat:kkth7kfjb5c2roslxsw7qzwpzu