Technologies of Adult Education: Northern-American Experience

Olena Terenko
2019 Comparative Professional Pedagogy  
Factors that influence motivation are split into external and internal. Key peculiarities of adult who learns are found out. A person who studies can trace connection between educational needs and solution of everyday life problems. Basic terms of learning efficiency are: self-orientation and independence. The main principles of adult education are systematized. They are the following: necessity to know, consciousness, willingness to learn, focus on learning, intrinsic motivation,
more » ... tion, self-orientation, relying on experience, situational, practice-orientation, motivation. The concept "educational technology" is analysed. Educational technology is systematic targeted approach to learning that combines specific teaching methods, educational technology, and takes into account psychological part of the learning process – relationship between learners and those who teach; systemic ways of activities of those who teach and those who study for the effective achievement of learning goals. Principles of educational technology usage are outlined. They are: individualization, creativity, self-motivation, cooperation, activity. The gist of interactive technology is found out. Interactive learning technology is based on the interaction between participiants of training; organization of joint activities based on dialogic teaching methods; a way of organizing learning of adults considering the needs, interests, personal and professional experience. Basic forms and methods of adult's interactive teaching in the USA are: conversation, discussion, collective solving of creative situations, the method of "round table", project method, playing techniques, mentorship, coaching – training in small groups, storytelling, method of narrative.
doi:10.2478/rpp-2019-0028 fatcat:hwpr6n3a4va4xblnbniwyoylgi