The luminescent properties of yttrium oxyapatite doped with Eu3+ ions

V. Jokanovic, B. Colovic, N. Jovic
2014 Science of Sintering  
The structural and luminescent properties of Ca 2 Y 8 (SiO 4 ) 6 O 2 (CYS) silicate based oxyapatite doped with Eu 3+ ions have been reported in this paper. The sample was synthesized using reflux method assisted by urea subsequent degradation. Very specific, shеlland rope-like morphologies were observed by SEM. The powder X-ray diffraction study revealed that the Eu 3+ : CYS system crystallized in a hexagonal lattice structure (space group P63/m) characteristic of oxyapatite. In the host
more » ... . In the host oxyapatite structure, а partial replacement of Ca 2+ аnd Y 3+ ions by luminescent active Eu 3+ ions have been done, and its photoluminescent spectra were analyzed. The performed analysis indicate the presence of Eu 3+ ions in both, nine-fold coordinated 4f, and seven-fold coordinated 6h sites, showing a slight shift towards the blue area in comparison to a typical spectra of other yttrium-silicate phases as hosts.
doi:10.2298/sos1401129j fatcat:hcptwqdimbewxislxej5xgglsy