A New Type of Industrial Robot Trajectory Generation Component Based on Motion Modularity Technology

Zhaoming Liu, Nailong Liu, Hongwei Wang, Shen Tian, Ning Bai, Feng Zhang, Long Cui
2020 Journal of Robotics  
Motion modularity is the main method of motion control for higher animals. That means the complex movements of the muscles are made up of basic motion primitives, and the brain or central nervous system does not care about the specific details of the movement. However, the industrial robot control system does not adopt the technical roadmap of motion modularity, it generates complex trajectories by providing a large number of sampling points. This approach is equivalent to using the brain to
more » ... ectly guide the specific movement of the muscle and has to rely on a faster Fieldbus system to obtain complex motion trajectories. This work constructs a modularized industrial robot trajectory generation component based on Dynamic Movement Primitives (DMP) theory. With this component, the robot controller can generate complex trajectories without increasing the sampling points and can obtain good trajectory accuracy. Finally, the rationality of this system is proved by simulations and experiments.
doi:10.1155/2020/3196983 fatcat:3qeacbkhcvhi7dngpse63tgalq