Calmness of Linear Constraint Systems under Structured Perturbations with an Application to the Path-Following Scheme

C. Argáez, M.J. Cánovas, J. Parra
2021 Set-Valued and Variational Analysis  
AbstractWe are concerned with finite linear constraint systems in a parametric framework where the right-hand side is an affine function of the perturbation parameter. Such structured perturbations provide a unified framework for different parametric models in the literature, as block, directional and/or partial perturbations of both inequalities and equalities. We extend some recent results about calmness of the feasible set mapping and provide an application to the convergence of a certain
more » ... h-following algorithmic scheme. We underline the fact that our formula for the calmness modulus depends only on the nominal data, which makes it computable in practice.
doi:10.1007/s11228-021-00597-x fatcat:3c7brqen3zfh3ir3o6ozbyztpq