International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2016; 4(3): 254-260 Phytoplankton identification and water quality monitoring along the fish-cage belt at Magat dam reservoir, Philippines

Francis Nuestro Baleta, Jonathan Bolaños, Francis Correspondence, Nuestro Baleta, Francis Nuestro Baleta, Jonathan Bolaños
The present study was conducted to identify phytoplankton and characterize the physico-chemical parameters of waters from the fish cage belt at Magat Dam Reservoir, Philippines. Five stations were established along the fish cage belt at Magat Reservoir, namely: Station 1 (Magat Aqua Park), Station 2 (Namnama), Station 3 (Halag 1), Station 4 (Halag 3) and Station 5 (Baligatan). Water samples were collected twice weekly for three months. Water parameters that were monitored includes: temperature,
more » ... transparency, dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia and phosphate. Among the water parameters monitored, temperature, transparency, dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia and phosphate were within the acceptable range for fish culture. Thirty (30) species of phytoplankton were identified belonging to four classes. Division Chlorophyta (14 genera), was the most abundant followed by Bacillariophyta (10 genera), Cyanophyta (4 genera), and Euglenophyta (2 genera). The most dominant microalgae documented includes: Pediastrum, Scenedesmus, Closterium, Merismepodia and Nitzschia.