Status Identitas Etnik pada Mahasiswa Etnik Sunda dan Cina

Sanusi Soesanto
2006 Psikologika Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi  
This study aimed to get description of the Ethnic Identity Status of Sundanese and Chinese ethnic background at Maranatha Christian University in Bandung. 49 students from Sundanese ethnicity and 98 students Chinese ethnicity were chosen as sample. Phinney's Ethic Identity Status interview was used to collect data while, Chi Quadrate was used to analyses the data. Result show that is a dffference (Chi square X2 = 4.930; a= 0.01) between the ethnic identity status of Sundanese and Chinese Ethnic
more » ... and Chinese Ethnic Students. The two groups have a low percentage on Achieved Ethnic Identity. Sundanese students have higher percentage on Foreclosure Ethnic Identity (57. 14 %) while students of Chinese ethnicity have a higher percentage on Moratorium (Ethnic Identity Search= 58. 16%).
doi:10.20885/psikologika.vol12.iss22.art4 fatcat:kl7whhwnz5a7jnw5qjjm5uwwq4