Phytomanagement: perspectives of using of phytoremediation technology in Kazakhstan

Saule Atabayeva, Saule Kenzhebayeva, Ravilya Alybayeva, Saltanatm Аsrandina, Sabina Shoinbekova, A. Mottaeva, S. Ziyadin, A. Shaikh, R. Dinis de Sousa, A. Borodin
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
The content of heavy metals around the metallurgical plants of East Kazakhstan in the soil and plants growing around these plants was studied. It was determined the concentration of heavy metals in soils, plant organs, it was calculated bioconcentration factor and the level of extraction of heavy metals by sunflower and lawn grasses. The study of sunflower plants and lawn grasses showed that the studied species accumulated a significant amount of heavy metals mainly in the roots. Sunflower
more » ... ots. Sunflower plants and lawn grasses had high accumulation activity and accumulated a significant amount of heavy metals in their organs. Determination of the content of heavy metals in the soil showed a significant removal of heavy metals from the soil, which indicates a high degree of phytoextraction of heavy metals by the studied plant species.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202015901003 fatcat:cdok6gwq45cv5jq3xczc2yuesy