Flowering of the endemic cactus Tacinga palmadora: a relation between floral production and age

Ayslan Trindade Lima, Adryanne Arcanjo Costa, Marcos Vinícius Meiado
2019 Communications in Plant Sciences  
Plant age is a factor that influences production of flowers in some species. In some cacti, new cladodes and flowers buds grow from areolar meristems located in the cladodes. It is possible to determine the age of the cactus by counting the maximum number of cladodes present in a branch. Among the species of cacti that present annual vegetative growth determined by the climatic seasons is the species Tacinga palmadora. The objective of this study was to determine the initial reproductive age of
more » ... reproductive age of this species and to evaluate the relation between the age of T. palmadora individuals and the number of flowers produced. The study was conducted at the Grota do Angico Natural Monument, in the municipality of Poço Redondo in Sergipe state in September 2017. Two hundred and seventeen individuals of T. palmadora were analyzed in the study area. In each individual, where counted the number of flowers and the number of cladodes present in the largest branch from the base, thus estimating the age of each individual. A positive and significant relation was observed between average number of flowers produced and age of individuals of T. palmadora in the evaluated population. Highlighted Conclusion Tacinga palmadora presents a greater number of flowers in older individuals due to the greater number of cladodes.
doi:10.26814/cps2019006 fatcat:h7ibo2oljbgmtcf267ibos7xfi