Concerning the Climate of Torquay

S. Thomson
1876 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
paper, wlhich is in the Vienna Ar-cHiv Jtir Deri-mzlolodie utnd Syphilis, 1874, Vicrtes Hleft, should be read in coninection with a report on the sul)ject wliiclv wili, I understand, he slhortly publislhed by the India Office ; and, as it is too long to abstract satisfactorily, I am desirous of callinig the attention of those interested in the question to the original mnen-roir. It contains, amongst other valuable matter, a detailed description of some of the cases which he observed. lIe has
more » ... bserved. lIe has selected for this purpose seven cases of syphilis, four of ltpus, two of destructive scrofulous disease, two of eczema, one of furuncle, one of dermatitis, and one of chronic ulcer of the leg. It is suchi cases that are believed by the inhabitants and medical men of Aleppo to be examples of Aleppo evil, yet Dr. Geber's description (all question of authority apart) can, I think, leave no doubt in the minds of those familiar with skin-diseases as to the accuracy of his diagnosis. Dr. Geber lias, by his intelligent scepticism, dealt a blow to this gigantic bugbear, from which it will probably never recover.
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.790.226 fatcat:yhpb5tj22jexjjpldl3ywlvahq