Carbon-fluorine bond cleavage. II. Studies on the mechanism of the defluorination of fluoroacetate

P Goldman, G W Milne
1966 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Studies on the mechanism of the reaction XCH&OO-+ OH----f X-+ HOCH&OO-(where X = F, Cl, and I) catalyzed by the enzyme haloacetate halidohydrolase indicate that the hydroxyl group of glycolate is derived from water. No evidence can be obtained for the reversibility of the dehalogenation. In addition, the exchanges between glycolate and H?*O and between chloroacetate and 3T1-are not catalyzed by the enzyme. MAN, S., Biochem. Biophys.
pmid:5928195 fatcat:gj42jlxwordsdonglszbwtzkze