The Light Penetrates Silence: Kolok Dance Study in Bengkala Village, Buleleng, Bali [chapter]

Ida Ayu Trisnawati
2020 Creativity - A Force to Innovation [Working Title]  
Art is an expression of the pure soul of humans that is not limited by physical. Therefore, everyone can express their art in various forms of art acts such as dancing, singing, painting, and others. This occurs to the Kolok (mute) community in Bengkala village where they express their artistic spirit by dancing. The Kolok community in this village dances Janger Kolok Dance, Baris Bebek Bingar Bengkala (Bebila) Dance or Baris Bebila Dance, and Jalak Anguci Starling Dance. This dance illustrates
more » ... s dance illustrates the joy and excitement of the mute people in Bengkala village who are able to surpass their limitations into an opportunity to fill themselves up. The creation of this dance is motivated by esthetic, economic and religious reasons. Structurally, all Kolok dances in Bengkala follow the same pattern of general dance but there are adjustments to the conditions of the dancers. This dance has the meaning of struggle, discipline, hard work, cooperation, entertainment based on excitement through the limitations of those who are deaf Kolok.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.94397 fatcat:hsq3igrxhramxfhp4vxbcuqq2i