Diverse Systems for Efficient Sequence Insertion and Replacement in Precise Plant Genome Editing

Yingxiao Zhang, Yiping Qi
2020 BioDesign Research  
CRISPR-mediated genome editing has been widely applied in plants to make uncomplicated genomic modifications including gene knockout and base changes. However, the introduction of many genetic variants related to valuable agronomic traits requires complex and precise DNA changes. Different CRISPR systems have been developed to achieve efficient sequence insertion and replacement but with limited success. A recent study has significantly improved NHEJ- and HDR-mediated sequence insertion and
more » ... e insertion and replacement using chemically modified donor templates. Together with other newly developed precise editing systems, such as prime editing and CRISPR-associated transposases, these technologies will provide new avenues to further the plant genome editing field.
doi:10.34133/2020/8659064 fatcat:cgfa6ybzybbupip4bwjhxzmy4a