Robust Human-Computer Interaction for Unstable Camera Systems

Hao ZHU, Qing YOU, Wenjie CHEN
2018 IEICE transactions on information and systems  
A lot of vision systems have been embedded in devices around us, like mobile phones, vehicles and UAVs. Many of them still need interactive operations of human users. However, specifying accurate object information could be a challenging task due to video jitters caused by camera shakes and target motions. In this paper, we first collect practical hand drawn bounding boxes on real-life videos which are captured by hand-held cameras and UAV-based cameras. We give a deep look into human-computer
more » ... nteractive operations on unstable images. The collected data shows that human input suffers heavy deviations which are harmful to interaction accuracy. To achieve robust interactions on unstable platforms, we propose a target-focused video stabilization method which utilizes a proposal-based object detector and a tracking-based motion estimation component. This method starts with a single manual click and outputs stabilized video stream in which the specified target stays almost stationary. Our method removes not only camera jitters but also target motions simultaneously, therefore offering an comfortable environment for users to do further interactive operations. The experiments demonstrate that the proposed method effectively eliminates image vibrations and significantly increases human input accuracy. key words: video stabilization, human-computer interaction, object proposal
doi:10.1587/transinf.2017edp7248 fatcat:sbp375gzyfcldgn5h53mjd2q7u