Organizational Strength and its Role in Enhancing Competitive Advantage "

Ihsan Mohsen Hassoun, Nizar Mohammed Ali
2018 Iraqi Administrative Sciences Journal  
The purpose of this research is to identify the organizational role of the four types of organizational strengths such as: Sharia strength, reward power, strength of expertise, information power in enhancing the competitive advantage of the working managers and their assistants, A questionnaire was designed for the research variables to collect the data, consisting of (21) paragraphs representing the organizational power paragraphs, and (10) paragraphs representing the competitive advantage
more » ... itive advantage clauses. The questionnaire outputs (60) were analyzed and processed statistically and presented through the Statistical Package (SPSS). Based on the test of the research plan and its hypotheses, the research reached the following: There is a significant correlation between organizational strength and competitive advantage at the macro level. There is a significant correlation between the types of organizational power represented by (legitimate strength, reward power, strength of experience, information power) and competitive advantage. The existence of a significant influence of the organizational power in the competitive advantage at the macro level. The existence of a relationship of significant influence to the types of organizational power represented by (the legitimate force, the strength of reward, the strength of experience, the power of information) in the competitive advantage. In the light of the conclusions, a number of proposals were put forward, the most important of which was the promotion of awareness within the university at all levels of management of the importance and types of organizational power (legitimate power, reward power, the power of expertise, the power of information) to encourage workers and generate creative ideas and their role. In enhancing the competitive advantage. And the need to work to consolidate the meaning and the positive concept of force in order to unite efforts to benefit from the use of organizational power and the role they play in achieving the objectives of the University. Keywords: Strength / Organizational Strength / Competitive Advantage
doi:10.33013/iqasj.v2n2y2018.pp115-137 fatcat:pqspm5tdpfc35ek5lw2lk5usjq