Synchronized Molecular-Dynamics Simulation via Macroscopic Heat and Momentum Transfer: An Application to Polymer Lubrication

Shugo Yasuda, Ryoichi Yamamoto
2014 Physical Review X  
The synchronized molecular dynamics simulation via macroscopic heat and momentum transfer is proposed for the non-isothermal flow behaviors of complex fluids. In this method, the molecular dynamics simulations are assigned to small fluid elements to calculate the local stresses and temperatures and are synchronized at certain time intervals to satisfy the macroscopic heat- and momentum- transport equations. This method is applied to the lubrication of a polymeric liquid composed of short chains
more » ... sed of short chains with ten beads between parallel plates. The rheological properties and conformation of polymer chains coupled with the local viscous heating are investigated with a non-dimensional parameter, i.e., the Nahme-Griffith number, which is defined by the ratio of the viscous heating to the thermal conduction at the characteristic temperature required to sufficiently change the viscosity. The present simulation demonstrates that strong shear thinning and transitional behavior of the conformation of the polymer chains occur with a rapid temperature rise when the Nahme-Griffith number exceeds unity. The results also clarify that the reentrant transition of the linear stress-optical relation occurs for large shear stresses due to the coupling of the conformation of polymer chains and heat generation under shear flows.
doi:10.1103/physrevx.4.041011 fatcat:prpnhfywdjdjtjdq5ueilll4fy