Thin-Layer Prestressed Composite Ferroelectric Driver and Sensor Characterization with Application to Separation Flow Control [unknown]

Experiments were conducted in two different stages -general piezoelectric actuator characterization and flow separation control applications. The characterization of the piezoelectric devices was performed in several stages, due to the many variables that affect performance. The first stage of the characterization consisted of tests conducted on 13 different THUNDER™ (thin-layer composite unimorph ferroelectric driver and sensor) configurations. These configurations consisted of a combination
more » ... of a combination of 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 layers of 25fi thick aluminum as backing material, with and without a top layer of 25p. aluminum. All of these configurations used the same piezoelectric ceramic wafer (PZT-5A) with dimensions of 5.1 x 3.8 x 0.018 cm. The above configurations were tested at two stages of the manufacturing process: before and after re-poling. The parameters measured included frequency, driving voltage, displacement, capacitance, and radius of curvature. An optical sensor recorded the displacement at a fixed voltage (100-400 Vpp) over a predetermined frequency range (1-1000 Hz). These displacement measurements were performed using a computer that controlled the process of activating and measuring the Reproduced with
doi:10.25777/g85r-r918 fatcat:5vp5b6up6rccfduhiep3ngwbhi