Adaptive Local Ternary Pattern on Parameter Optimized-Faster Region Convolutional Neural Network for Pulmonary Emphysema Diagnosis

Sumita Mondal, Anup K. Sadhu, Pranab Kumar Dutta
2021 IEEE Access  
Emphysema is a lung disease that occurs due to abnormal alveoli expansion. This chronic disease causes difficulty in breathing which can lead to lung cancer. The progressive destruction of emphysema can be assessed by Computed Tomography (CT) scans and pulmonary function tests. The severity of the disease may extend to a stage where one can risk their life emphasizing the early detection of emphysema. Primary diagnosis can be done using spirometry and CT for early detection of the disease
more » ... ng the mortality rates. Difficulties associated with different diagnostic procedures and inter and intraobserver variations have made blooming researches on more computer-aided techniques. This paper intends to develop a computer-aided technique using the improved deep learning strategy. The initial process is image pre-processing, which is performed by histogram equalization and median filtering. Further, the Fuzzy C Means (FCM) clustering is used for segmentation. After segmentation, a new Adaptive Local Ternary Pattern (ALTP) is used for extracting the pattern descriptor, which is further utilized for classification. As a new contribution, the Parameter Optimized-Faster Region Convolutional Neural Network (PO-FRCNN) is developed for performing the diagnosis. The enhancement of pattern formation and deep classification is accomplished by the Improved Red Deer Algorithm (IRDA), which helps to tune the significant parameters that have a positive influence on the accurateness. The benchmark and real-time dataset are used for performing the experimentation. The results show that the proposed method yields the best result and can effectively diagnose emphysema when compared to state-of-the-art techniques. INDEX TERMS Adaptive local ternary pattern, fuzzy C means clustering, modified deep learning, parameter optimized-faster region convolutional neural network, pulmonary emphysema.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3105114 fatcat:4gptovtoqbakpo4jdojtgkesya