Paraconsistent Differential Calculus (Part I): First-Order Paraconsistent Derivative

João Inácio Da Silva Filho
2014 Applied Mathematics  
A type of Inconsistent Mathematics structured on Paraconsistent Logic (PL) and that has, as the main purpose, the study of common mathematical objects such as sets, numbers and functions, where some contradictions are allowed, is called Paraconsistent Mathematics. The PL is a non-Classical logic and its main property is to present tolerance for contradiction in its fundamentals without the invalidation of the conclusions. In this paper (part 1), we use the PL in its annotated form, denominated
more » ... araconsistent Annotated Logic with annotation of two values-PAL2v for present a first-order Paraconsistent Derivative. The PAL2v has, in its representation, an associated lattice FOUR based on Hasse Diagram. This PAL2v-Lattice allows development of a Paraconsistent Differential Calculus based on fundamentals and equations obtained by geometric interpretations. In this first article it is presented some examples applying derivatives of firstorder with the concepts of Paraconsistent Mathematics. In the second part of this work we will show the Paraconsistent Derivative of second-order with application examples.
doi:10.4236/am.2014.56086 fatcat:u3kod2arzbdafifa7axfhhpece