Stochastic dynamics of remote knock-on permeation in biological ion channels

R. Tindjong, I. Kaufman, D. G. Luchinsky, P. V. E. McClintock, I. A. Khovanov, R. S. Eisenberg
2013 2013 22nd International Conference on Noise and Fluctuations (ICNF)  
Brownian dynamics simulations provide evidence for a remote knock-on mechanism facilitating the permeation of a biological ion channel by an ion that is initially trapped at the selectivity filter (SF). Unlike the case of conventional direct knockon, the second ion that instigates permeation does not need to enter the channel. Nor does it necessarily take the place of the permeating ion at the SF, and it can even be of a different ionic species. The study is based on the simultaneous,
more » ... ltaneous, selfconsistent, solution of the coupled Poisson and Langevin equations for a simple generic model, taking account of all the charges present. The new permeation mechanism involves electrostatic amplification attributable to the permittivity mismatch between water and protein: the arrival of the instigating ion at the channel entrance reduces the exit barrier for the ion trapped at the SF, facilitating escape.
doi:10.1109/icnf.2013.6578893 fatcat:crv56b4235fx3czixo5tznwsbu