Characterization of ceramic seeds with samarium-153 for use in brachytherapy

Eduardo Sarmento Valente, Ethel Mizrahy Cuperschmid, Tarcísio Passos Ribeiro de Campos
2011 Materials Research  
Ceramic seeds were synthesized by the sol-gel technique with Si:Sm:Ca. One sample was irradiated in the TRIGA nuclear reactor IPR-R1. After irradiation, the seeds were submitted to instrumental neutron activation analysis to determine the 153 Sm concentration in weight. The same irradiated seed sample was submitted to gamma spectrometry analysis to determine all existing radionuclides as well as its individual activities. A second sample was submitted to ICP-AES atomic emission spectrometry. A
more » ... hird sample was submitted to X-ray fluorescence spectrometry to determine qualitative chemical composition. The measured activity was due to 153 Sm with a wellcharacterized gamma spectrum. The X-ray fluorescence spectrum demonstrates that there is no discrepancy in seed composition. Maximum range of beta particles from 153 Sm were evaluated, as well as the total dose and dose rate on its range´s volume. The results are relevant for investigation of the viability of producing 153 Sm radioactive seeds for use in brachytherapy.
doi:10.1590/s1516-14392011005000006 fatcat:pc6oeb5ubvcefilezfuiqopmam