Competitiveness Determinants of the Travel Industry in Ukraine: the Hotel Complex
Детермінанти конкурентоспроможності туристської галузі України: готельний комплекс

N. M. Bogdan, O. M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv, N. A. Gardaushenko, O. R. Skryl, O. M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv, O. M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv
2020 Problemi Ekonomiki  
The activity of Ukraine's hotel complex has been analyzed as a factor in the competitiveness of the travel industry; approaches to determining the impact of the hotel complex on tourism development have been suggested. The purpose of the article is to scientifically substantiate the necessity to develop hotel industry as a factor in the competitiveness of Ukraine's travel industry and to suggest approaches to assessing the impact made by hotel industry on the development of the travel industry.
more » ... he travel industry. To achieve this goal, a number of general and special research methods have been used, namely: analysis and synthesis; abstract and logical method; comparison; hierarchy analysis method; entropy; mathematical modelling in Economics using correlation and regression analysis; integrated approach. The article substantiates the need to develop tourism infrastructure, including the hotel complex, which is determined by the importance of tourism as one of the most promising areas of economic development in Ukraine, in general, and its individual regions, in particular. It has been determined that, in addition to tourist attractions, it is worth paying attention to providing tourist infrastructure with accommodation. To give scientific background proving the impact of hotel complex development on travel industry development and to assess this impact, a correlation analysis of the factors of travel industry development in a region has been carried out. The analysis results have been used as a ground for assessing the impact of hotels and other accommodation on tourism revenues. It has been found out that tourism industry today is an important factor in the social and economic development of various countries and regions, a source of stable and dynamic increase in budget revenues and a factor in activating the entire network of national economy sectors, as it has a multiplier effect on other economic sectors. Therefore, it is important for Ukraine to unite the efforts of tourism employees and researchers from different fields in order to create a framework for further development of the country's tourism infrastructure. Comprehensive research in this area can become the subject of further research.
doi:10.32983/2222-0712-2020-3-34-44 fatcat:xxvsjq3i7nerddsdabhmlf2keq