Condition, Length-Weight And Length-Length Relationships For Five Fish Species From Hirfanli Reservoir, Turkey

Şerife Gülsün Kırankaya
2014 Journal of  
The condition (K), length-weight and length-length relationships, total length (TL), fork length (FL), and standard length (SL) were described herein for the following 5 fish species inhabiting Hirfanlı Reservoir (Central Anatolia): Pseudorasbora parva, Atherina boyeri, Aphanius danfordii, Tinca tinca, and Cyprinus carpio. Fish specimens were obtained between March and November 2008 using trawl nets. The length-weight relationship exponent b value ranged from 2.896 in C. carpio to 3.67 in A.
more » ... io to 3.67 in A. danfordii. The b value for all species deviated from 3 and positive allometric growth was observed for A. danfordii, A. boyeri, P. parva, and T. tinca. Fulton's condition factor varied between 0.604 (A. boyeri) and 1.721 (A. danfordii). The length-length relationships were significantly linear.
doi:10.3153/jfscom.201426 fatcat:7yf6cdcjh5dlxe4wm5e3iorf7q