Phoenix : Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) engineering version 1.0 [report]

Thomas W. Moore, Tu-Thach Quach, Richard Joseph Detry, Stephen Hamilton Conrad, Andjelka Kelic, Shirley J. Starks, Walter Eugene Beyeler, Nancy S. Brodsky, Stephen J. Verzi, Robert John, Jr. Glass, Daniel J. Sunderland, Michael David Mitchell (+9 others)
2011 unpublished
Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems, or CASoS, are vastly complex ecological, sociological, economic and/or technical systems which we must understand to design a secure future for the nation and the world. Perturbations/disruptions in CASoS have the potential for far-reaching effects due to pervasive interdependencies and attendant vulnerabilities to cascades in associated systems. Phoenix was initiated to address this high-impact problem space as engineers. Our overarching goals are
more » ... goals are maximizing security, maximizing health, and minimizing risk. We design interventions, or problem solutions, that influence CASoS to achieve specific aspirations. Through application to real-world problems, Phoenix is evolving the principles and discipline of CASoS Engineering while growing a community of practice and the CASoS engineers to populate it. Both grounded in reality and working to extend our understanding and control of that reality, Phoenix is at the same time a solution within a CASoS and a CASoS itself. ACRONYMS, INITIALISMS, AND ABBREVIATIONS AMTI Advanced Methods and Techniques Investigations CASoS Complex
doi:10.2172/1038215 fatcat:7yiuda2v2vge3b3qrkrrxsvoeq