Agriculture Big Data Analysis System Based on Korean Market Information

Tserenpurev Chuluunsaikhan, Jin-Hyun Song, Kwan-Hee Yoo, Hyung-Chul Rah, Aziz Nasridinov
2019 Journal of multimedia information system  
As the world's population grows, how to maintain the food supply is becoming a bigger problem. Now and in the future, big data will play a major role in decision making in the agriculture industry. The challenge is how to obtain valuable information to help us make future decisions. Big data helps us to see history clearer, to obtain hidden values, and make the right decisions for the government and farmers. To contribute to solving this challenge, we developed the Agriculture Big Data Analysis
more » ... System. The system consists of agricultural big data collection, big data analysis, and big data visualization. First, we collected structured data like price, climate, yield, etc., and unstructured data, such as news, blogs, TV programs, etc. Using the data that we collected, we implement prediction algorithms like ARIMA, Decision Tree, LDA, and LSTM to show the results in data visualizations.
doi:10.33851/jmis.2019.6.4.217 fatcat:fp4xkiqtijculilawy63eprb34