AdjustSense: Adaptive 3D Sensing System with Adjustable Spatio-Temporal Resolution and Measurement Range Using High-Speed Omnidirectional Camera and Direct Drive Motor

Mikihiro Ikura, Sarthak Pathak, Jun Younes Louhi Kasahara, Atsushi Yamashita, Hajime Asama
2021 Sensors  
Many types of 3D sensing devices are commercially available and were utilized in various technical fields. In most conventional systems with a 3D sensing device, the spatio-temporal resolution and the measurement range are constant during operation. Consequently, it is necessary to select an appropriate sensing system according to the measurement task. Moreover, such conventional systems have difficulties dealing with several measurement targets simultaneously due to the aforementioned
more » ... . This issue can hardly be solved by integrating several individual sensing systems into one. Here, we propose a single 3D sensing system that adaptively adjusts the spatio-temporal resolution and the measurement range to switch between multiple measurement tasks. We named the proposed adaptive 3D sensing system "AdjustSense." In AdjustSense, as a means for the adaptive adjustment of the spatio-temporal resolution and measurement range, we aimed to achieve low-latency visual feedback for the adjustment by integrating not only a high-speed camera, which is a high-speed sensor, but also a direct drive motor, which is a high-speed actuator. This low-latency visual feedback can enable a large range of 3D sensing tasks simultaneously. We demonstrated the behavior of AdjustSense when the positions of the measured targets in the surroundings were changed. Furthermore, we quantitatively evaluated the spatio-temporal resolution and measurement range from the 3D points obtained. Through two experiments, we showed that AdjustSense could realize multiple measurement tasks: 360∘ 3D sensing, 3D sensing at a high spatial resolution around multiple targets, and local 3D sensing at a high spatio-temporal resolution around a single object.
doi:10.3390/s21216975 pmid:34770282 pmcid:PMC8588087 fatcat:kdokr6k4obcsrec7buiywjd6s4