Integration of 3D Geological Modeling and Geothermal Field Analysis for the Evaluation of Geothermal Reserves in the Northwest of Beijing Plain, China

Zhenzhou Zhu, Xiaodong Lei, Nengxiong Xu, Dongyue Shao, Xingyu Jiang Jiang, Xiong Wu
2020 Water  
With the increasing demand for energy and the growing concern for atmospheric pollution in Beijing, China, the exploitation and utilization of geothermal resources are becoming more desirable. The study combined three-dimensional geological modeling with geothermal field analysis to make clear the potential and distribution of geothermal resources in the northwest of the Beijing plain, which could provide a scientific basis for rational utilization in the study area. Based on the analysis of
more » ... the analysis of the geological data and geothermal conditions, we created a 3D geological model of the study area, and then added isothermal surfaces into the model and analyzed the heat flow to enhance the understanding of the present geothermal field. After that, the volumes of different temperature intervals of heat reservoirs were calculated accurately and automatically by the integration of the model and the isothermal surfaces. Finally, the geothermal reserves were calculated by the improved volumetric method, and the distribution of resources was analyzed comprehensively. The results showed that, in the study area, the heat flow values ranged from 49 to 99 mW m−2, and the average elevations of 25 ℃, 40 ℃, and 60 ℃ isothermal surfaces were at −415 m, −1282 m, and −2613 m, respectively. The geothermal reserves were 5.42 × 1019 J and the volume of the heat reservoir was 4.88 × 1011 m3. The geothermal resources of the study area had good potential and could support local green development.
doi:10.3390/w12030638 fatcat:5u5a75czsrdfzjmmkjxetiwsmu