Changes and impact on the soil use in an intermediate city. The case of Alem Avenue. Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires province, Argentina
Cambios e impactos en el uso de suelo en una ciudad intermedia. El caso de la Avenida Alem. Bahía Blanca, Argentina

María Belén Prieto, Universidad Nacional del Sur. Argentina, Eduardo Julio Gárriz, Universidad Nacional del Sur. Argentina
2020 Huellas  
Resumen El trabajo se centra sobre un tramo del eje Avenida Alem de la ciudad de Bahía Blanca, un centro urbano intermedio, donde se producen modificaciones de importancia por las intervenciones de distintos agentes intervinientes. En el trabajo se constatan cambios a nivel morfológico, funcional, estructural y simbólico, que modifican la materialidad del sector. Además se incluye la visión patrimonial por su importancia en preservar la identidad del eje y lo normativo que limita intervenciones
more » ... mita intervenciones y conflictos. También se analizaron investigaciones anteriores del sector Alem, pero presentaban metodologías dispares; por ello, se efectuó un nuevo relevamiento cuya Palabras clave: Cambios urbanos; Usos del suelo; Impactos; Nuevas centralidades; Bahía Blanca Changes and impact on the soil use in an intermediate city. The case of Alem Abstract This research focuses on a section of the Alem Avenue axis in the city of Bahía Blanca, an intermediate urban center, where significant changes take place due to the interventions of the different participants involved. Along the process, changes at the morphological, functional, structural and symbolic levels are stated, which modify the materiality of the sector. In addition, the heritage perspective is included due to its importance in preserving the identity of the axis and the regulations restricting interventions and conflicts. Previous investigations from the Alem sector were also analyzed, but they presented unalike methodologies. For this reason, a new survey was carried out whose unit of analysis was the plot and its activity, many of which were new and non-existent in the current regulations for the sector. It was complemented with a review of materials in archives, map libraries, land registry, newspapers and periodicals. The information was processed with SIGArc Sig10 and QGis 2.18, apart from developing thematic cartography. The most interesting result was the importance and magnitude of residential use, due to the effect of densification. As regards the contribution itself, it implies the creation of a new base with a classification of the axis activities, and the characteristics of each plot, that enables the creation of a new instrument; namely, an interactive map.
doi:10.19137/huellas-2020-2423 fatcat:hnius5hv6rbfjofgpvhknhfsne