Mapping chromatin accessibility and active regulatory elements reveals new pathological mechanisms in human gliomas [article]

Karolina Stepniak, Magdalena A Machnicka, Jakub Mieczkowski, Anna Macioszek, Bartosz Wojtas, Bartlomiej Gielniewski, Sylwia K. Krol, Rafal Guzik, Michal J Dabrowski, Michal Draminski, Marta Jardanowska, Ilona Grabowicz (+12 others)
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Chromatin structure and accessibility, and combinatorial binding of transcription factors to regulatory elements in genomic DNA control transcription. Genetic variations in genes encoding histones, epigenetics-related enzymes or modifiers affect chromatin structure/dynamics and result in alterations in gene expression contributing to cancer development or progression. Gliomas are brain tumors frequently associated with epigenetics-related gene deregulation. We performed whole-genome mapping of
more » ... hromatin accessibility, histone modifications, DNA methylation patterns and transcriptome analysis simultaneously in multiple tumor samples to unravel novel epigenetic dysfunctions driving gliomagenesis. Based on the results of the integrative analysis of the acquired profiles, we created an atlas of active enhancers and promoters in benign and malignant gliomas. We explored these elements and intersected with Hi-C data to uncover molecular mechanisms instructing gene expression in gliomas.
doi:10.1101/867861 fatcat:jw4iwqestbh6fmp637lfd6vghq