Enhanced Method for Environmental Benefit via Application of Low Impact Development (LID) Technique in Tram Design
트램 설계시 LID 기법 적용을 통한 환경편익 증대 방안

Su-Hwan Gu, Yunhee Lee, Seong-Wook Oa
2016 Journal of the Korean society for railway  
Reduced greenhouse gas effect induced by LID (Low Impact Development) technique application in tramway construction was quantified to increase environmental benefit as part of an overall economic assessment. In addition, by application of penetration type permeable blocks, the effect of the urban water cycle was examined as a special assessment item in the policy analysis. The carbon emission ratios of the permeable turf block, according to the turf coverage rate (100%, 50% granite, and 50%
more » ... ranite, and 50% HDPE), against the concrete track construction were -184.7%, -127.3%, and -116.3%, respectively. The carbon emission ratios of permeable blocks with granite and HDPE were 30.1% and 52.5%. In the case of the penetration type permeable block, it was possible to store rainfall in the block until 90mm/hr of rainfall intensity (94.3% of water reserve rate); therefore, this method was effective as part of the urban water cycle system. As a result, an increased environmental benefit from LID technique application is expected in tramway construction; this needs to be considered as a policy factor in AHP analysis.
doi:10.7782/jksr.2016.19.6.826 fatcat:abvnumwsnbddblx2kz7swrrsoe