Global pharmaceutical market: key trends
Мировой фармацевтический рынок: ключевые тренды

Julia Prozherina, Remedium
2019 Remedium Journal about the Russian market of medicines and medical equipment  
Introduction Medicines represent an unparalleled contribution to global health, but their value is keenly negotiated by stakeholders across the developed and developing world. The global outlook for medicine use and spending is a much-watched barometer for the results of these 'negotiations' and provides insights into the prospects of life sciences companies, insurers, and the health of populations around the world. This report includes the latest predictions for the global pharmaceutical
more » ... , including areas of growth from a geographic, therapy area and channel perspective. The impact of new drug launches and biosimilars are assessed, as well as growth in the use of specialty medicines and its drivers. In addition to market forecasts, the report highlights ten areas to watch over the next several years for their impact on the use of and cost of medicines. These areas include the use of digital health tools, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Next-Generation Biotherapeutics and incorporation of real-world evidence in clinical development.
doi:10.21518/1561-5936-2019-6-30-32 fatcat:hiwnupfuwbekvdpamejyle474i