Design of Distributed Multi-Actuator Systems with Incomplete State Information for Vibration Control of Large Structures

Francisco Palacios-Quiñonero, Josep Rubió-Massegú, Josep Rossell, José Rodellar
2018 Designs  
In this paper, we investigate the design and performance of static feedback controllers with partial-state information for the seismic protection of tall buildings equipped with incomplete multi-actuation systems. The proposed approach considers a partially instrumented multi-story building with an incomplete system of interstory force-actuation devices implemented on selected levels of the building, and an associated set of collocated sensors that measure the corresponding interstory drifts
more » ... nterstory drifts and interstory velocities. The main elements of the proposed controller design methodology are presented by means of a twenty-story building equipped with a system of ten interstory actuators arranged in three different layouts: concentrated, semi-distributed and fully-distributed. For these control configurations, partial-state controllers are designed following a static output-feedback H-infinity controller design approach, and the corresponding frequency and time responses are investigated. The obtained results clearly indicate that the proposed partial-state controllers are effective in mitigating the building seismic response. They also show that a suitable distribution of the instrumented stories is a relevant factor in the control system performance.
doi:10.3390/designs2010006 fatcat:oqlshvwulvgazhvnhepvvg4tui