Internal Wave Energy Budget Studies in the South China Sea [report]

Louis St. Laurent
2008 unpublished
LONG-TERM GOALS We are focused on understanding small-scale processes that influence the ocean's thermodynamic and dynamic properties on the sub-mesoscale (scales less than 10 km). This includes the role of turbulence in modifying the upper ocean temperature and density structure. In the South China Sea, largeamplitude, nonlinear waves force turbulence in the seasonally variable continental shelf region. New observational data is sought for use in characterizing turbulence phenomena, and for
more » ... enomena, and for parameterizing processes in models. OBJECTIVES This program was focused on measuring the dissipation rate of mechanical energy on the shallow continental shelf and the Dongsha Plateau of the South China Sea. The measurements are being used to examine the energy dynamics of small-scale wave processes in relation to tidal forcing. The measurements are the first dissipation observations from a region where extreme-amplitude, nonlinear internal waves loose their energy in shallow water.
doi:10.21236/ada534057 fatcat:jb5zo6owwvgfxhy3jentzub3dq