I. E. Hill
1919 Journal of the American Medical Association  
about eight minutes of convulsive movements, he relaxed and subsided into a semicomatose condition. Whenever aroused, he had a staring expression and would immediately relapse in':o a comatose state. There was complete loss of sensation and reflexes. The pulse rate was 54; respiration was 18, and was somewhat labored. During the night following this experience, the patient was quite restless, involuntarily throwing the bedding, moaning and sighing aloud, and frequently calling out and beating
more » ... g out and beating the bed with the right fist. Left side movements were wholly uncontrolled. He tried to get out of bed, but he could not coordinate his movements. During the day of the fifteenth, he was still unconscious and very restless, moaning and talking incoherently all the time. He made an attempt to get out of bed, but fell on the floor and had to be lifted back. He had three involuntary actions of the bowels, and voided urine frequently and involuntarily. Toward evening, he became more quiet and seemed to show some return of consciousness. He had a
doi:10.1001/jama.1919.26120520003014d fatcat:t2l3d46y7bbmfjwcvcfn25wfra