Rogue waves and W-shaped solitons in the multiple self-induced transparency system

Xin Wang, Chong Liu, Lei Wang
2017 Chaos  
We study localized nonlinear waves on a plane wave background in the multiple self-induced transparency (SIT) system, which describes an important enhancement of the amplification and control of optical waves compared to the single SIT system. A hierarchy of exact multiparametric rational solutions in a compact determinant representation are presented. We demonstrate that, this family of solutions contains known rogue wave solution and unusual W-shaped soliton solution, which strictly
more » ... s to the linear stability analysis that involves modulation instability and stability regimes in the low perturbation frequency region. State transitions between rogue waves and W-shaped solitons as well as the higher-order nonlinear superposition modes are revealed by the suitable choice for the background wavenumber of electric field component. In particular, our results show that, the multiple SIT system admits stationary and nonstationary nonlinear modes in contrast to the results in the single SIT system. Correspondingly, the important characteristics of the nonlinear waves including trajectories and spectrum are revealed in detail.
doi:10.1063/1.4986609 pmid:28964150 fatcat:epbneluccrdylmbgezli25nm5u