Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis of Arabic COVID-19 Tweets Using BERT-Based Transformers and Dynamically Weighted Loss Function

Nora Alturayeif, Hamzah Luqman
2021 Applied Sciences  
The outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has affected almost all of the countries of the world, and has had significant social and psychological effects on the population. Nowadays, social media platforms are being used for emotional self-expression towards current events, including the COVID-19 pandemic. The study of people's emotions in social media is vital to understand the effect of this pandemic on mental health, in order to protect societies. This work aims to investigate to what
more » ... tent deep learning models can assist in understanding society's attitude in social media toward COVID-19 pandemic. We employ two transformer-based models for fine-grained sentiment detection of Arabic tweets, considering that more than one emotion can co-exist in the same tweet. We also show how the textual representation of emojis can boost the performance of sentiment analysis. In addition, we propose a dynamically weighted loss function (DWLF) to handle the issue of imbalanced datasets. The proposed approach has been evaluated on two datasets and the attained results demonstrate that the proposed BERT-based models with emojis replacement and DWLF technique can improve the sentiment detection of multi-dialect Arabic tweets with an F1-Micro score of 0.72.
doi:10.3390/app112210694 fatcat:2t7fqfmzr5ezvhr2ytcpynkliy