Some Patophysiological Aspect and Diagnostic Value of Renal Urinary Markers of Yeast Overgrowth Citozomal Enzymes, Understanding Exfoliative, Metabolitic Turnover in Patients with Seronegative Arthropatia Psoriatica Sine Psoriasis Vulgaris. Testing Lizosomal or Brush Border Enzymuria?

Spasovski Dejan
2017 JOJ Urology & Nephrology  
Aim: To compare diagnostic values and laboratory variables of alanine -aminopeptidase (microsomale AAP), g-glutamyl transferase (g-GT),b2-microglobuline (b2-M), C Reactive Protein (CRP) and index for disease activity (PASI) in early diagnosis in previously untreated Psoriatic arthritis (Psa). To determine the effect of untreated Psoriatic arthritis on tubular function, sensitivity of the Brush Border region as well as the diagnostic value of the enzymes originating from proximal renal tubules.
more » ... mal renal tubules. Methods: From the standard methods of the International Federation for Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) we used the kinetic method for determination of alanine -aminopeptidase (microsomal AAP), g-glutamyl transferase (g-GT) and MEIA (Microparticles Enzyme Immunoassay (Abbot A x sym system) for determination of b2-microglobuline in urine. We examined samples (serum and urine) from 70 participants (35 Psa untreated, 35 healthy control group). RF and CRP are determined by Latex agglutination test in the same participants. Results: From 35 examined patients with Psa, 12 pts showed presence of AAP enzymuria (test sensitivity was 34.28%), 8 pts showed presence of g-GT (test sensitivity was 22.85%), while the presence of b2-microglobuline in urine was low (test sensitivity 0%). Conclusion: AAP has better sensitivity than g-GT and b2-microglobuline in the detection of asymptomatic renal endothelial changes in untreated Psa.
doi:10.19080/jojun.2017.01.555563 fatcat:gfilhv277zf3vbwmr25j3axc2a